5th meeting of the Coalition for the BIO

5th meeting of the Coalition for the BIO

  • 23.06.2020
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On June 18th 2020 the 5th meeting of the Coalition for the Development of the BIO Food Market was held, the aim of which was to summarize activities in the last six months, especially in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, to accept new Coalition Partners and to plan further joint activities.

The members - founders of the Coalition (MRiRW, Carrefour, SGGW, PIŻE, Ekołan) have been joined by Polskie Wydawnictwo Rolnicze - a media group having in their portfolio both agricultural titles, e.g. Top Agrar, as well as retail ones, e.g. Commercial News - whose presence in the Coalition means reinforcing communication to farmers about content about organic production and education.

At the beginning of this year, the BNP Paribas Bank, a leader in financing the agro industry, also joined the Coalition, which through participation in the Coalition would also like to actively support bio and Bioexpert farmers in this aspect, a certification body that also cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, giving opinions on agricultural legislation ecological.

Among the most interesting projects implemented by the Coalitioners, despite the coronavirus pandemic, were: Bio for mother and child - an educational program run by SGGW from the Carrefour Foundation, opening of the 2nd Carrefour BIO store, IFOAM Congress, which PIŻE organizes in parallel to the BIO EXPO 2020 fair and a competition for ecological thesis for students of WULS-SGGW, sponsored by BNP Paribas.

The Coalition also accepted the commitment to join the process of giving opinions on new ordinances regulating the functioning of organic farming in Poland and to help simplify the procedures for bio farmers when inspecting certification bodies and when submitting applications for funding. At the same time, the Coalition expressed readiness to carry out a joint project under the Coalition, expanding existing activities carried out between individual Coalitionists.