Save from waste - products cheaper up to 90% available at Carrefour

Save from waste - products cheaper up to 90% available at Carrefour

  • 19.01.2021
  • Sustainable development

Carrefour customers can find fully valuable goods with a short shelf life, at prices reduced by up to 90 percent placed in special zones divided into sectors dedicated to dry and fresh products. In all hyper- and supermarkets, Carrefour is launching a new version of the "STOP Wasting Food" campaign, which is a part of a wider initiative of the nationwide "STOP Waste" program encouraging to counteract wasting our planet's resources.

Research shows that every single month a statistical Pole loses PLN 50 due to unused food, which goes to the trash, and Poland takes the shameful 5th place in terms of food waste among all European countries.

Carrefour, noting that this problem continues to get worse, both nationally and globally, makes it possible to purchase products with a short expiry date at a price several times lower than the regular price. Thus, it not only prevents food waste, but also allows its customers additional savings when doing their everyday shopping.

Being aware that food waste is one of the biggest problems of modern civilization, Carrefour also carried out a 2-week campaign under the slogan "We can buy wisely - How not to waste food", in which all Carrefour hyper- and supermarkets. The initiative took place between November 16 and December 1, 2020. Dedicated information materials were placed in the stores, and in addition, at People could find there practical tips on how to store food products to keep them fresh. This campaign was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Counteracting Food Waste (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1680), and its partners were, among others, Caritas Polska and the Foundation "Pomoc Transportowcom".

Striving to be a world leader in the nutritional transformation for all, Carrefour wants to take full responsibility for daily activities and contribute to a positive environmental impact. Supporting the new circular economy model is in this context the main direction of the network's activities and a very important step in saving our planet. The key elements of Carrefour's pro-ecological strategy are: a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, reduction of packaging waste, including reduction of plastic use, fight against food waste, protection of biodiversity and meeting customer expectations in these areas.