The Carrefour Foundation and Carrefour Polska donate 2 million PLN to Polish hospitals to fight the coronavirus pandemic

The Carrefour Foundation and Carrefour Polska donate 2 million PLN to Polish hospitals to fight the coronavirus pandemic

  • 27.03.2020
  • Sustainable development

The Carrefour Foundation will subsidize the Caritas Polska campaign "Grateful to Medics" with the amount of over PLN 1.3 million for the purchase of and personal protective equipment for doctors. In addition, Carrefour Polska will support 41 hospitals in satisfying the needs of their staff for food and care products - allocating approximately PLN 650,000 for this purpose.

In the era of the spread of coronavirus pandemic, the Carrefour Foundation and Carrefour Poland are joining the efforts to ensure the safety of all Poles. As a socially responsible organizations, they both decided to provide financial and material support in the fight against coronavirus in Poland. The Carrefour Foundation donates over PLN 1.3 million to the "Grateful to Medics" campaign organized by Caritas. The Carrefour Foundation became the first donor partner of this initiative, which responds to the needs reported by hospitals and medical staff fighting for the lives and health of their patients.

- Together with the Carrefour Foundation we have established cooperation with Caritas Polska in the scope of transferring funds necessary to Polish hospitals to save human lives - says Christophe Rabatel, President of the Board of Carrefour Polska. We hope that by supporting the heroic struggle of Polish medical services we will contribute to controlling the epidemic as effectively as possible and reducing its negative effects on society and the economy - he adds.

The financial support provided by the Carrefour Foundation to Polish hospitals through Caritas will be allocated to the purchase of respirators - equipment currently necessary in medical facilities transformed into identical infectious hospitals - as well as personal protective equipment for doctors - including masks, aprons, gloves and helmets. Hospitals on the front line of this difficult battle will be able to use them flexibly - according to the most urgent needs in this respect.

- We are very happy with the support of the Carrefour Foundation. This is another proof of Caritas's recognition as the most experienced and largest aid organization in Poland, but also a commitment to hard work - says priest Marcin Iżycki, director of Caritas Polska.

At the same time, Carrefour Polska will assist Caritas in acquiring further partners of the "Grateful to Medics" campaign so that it is possible to collect the full amount necessary to equip the hospitals that have asked for help. Therefore, Carrefour Polska will promote the action in its communication channels in stores, including on sample screens and on social media, encouraging companies and individual donors to join the collection.


As one of the largest food chains in Poland, Carrefour also wants to use the extensive network of its largest stores and includes direct food support for a total of 41 infectious hospitals located throughout the country and close to hypermarkets belonging to the chain. Supporting facilities in meeting the needs of their staff will allow them to fight a pandemic more effectively and ensure greater comfort during this difficult period.

- Effective fight against coronavirus is the biggest challenge that the whole world has faced so far in the 21st century. Carrefour stores in these difficult times can be not only a place to supply the public with basic food products, but also to help Polish medical services in the fight for our life and health. That is why we provide direct food aid to the staff of infectious hospitals throughout Poland and are ready for further activities - adds Christophe Rabatel, President of the Board of Carrefour Polska.

In each case, Carrefour Polska will provide targeted assistance to meet the specific needs of each of 41 hospitals. The network will contact hospitals and determine the list of currently most needed products - food, hygiene and cosmetics. The network will allocate approximately PLN 650,000 for this purpose.