You can return empty bottles without a receipt at all Carrefour hyper- and supermarkets in Poland

You can return empty bottles without a receipt at all Carrefour hyper- and supermarkets in Poland

  • 22.04.2021
  • Zrównoważony rozwój

From April 22, customers of over 250 hyper- and supermarkets Carrefour Polska will be able to return returnable bottles after previously purchased drinks, without the need to show proof of purchase. When returning the bottles, consumers will receive e-vouchers for the return of the full deposit, which they will be able to immediately pay for subsequent purchases. The Carrefour initiative is to encourage Poles to actively reduce the amount of generated glass waste and to develop a deposit system for returnable packaging as part of the implementation of the circular economy concept in our country.

The Carrefour initiative is a part of the long-term "STOP Wastage" program, that retailer has been implementing in Poland since 2013 to counteract all forms of wasting our planet's resources and actively encourages its customers and business partners to join them. It is no coincidence that the company's latest initiative falls on April 22, when World Earth Day is celebrated.

The pilot project began in mid-December last year in Warsaw. In the following months, more shops and cities were added to it successively. The initiative have met with great interest from customers for whom the biggest barrier to returning glass bottles was the need to store receipts. Currently, returnable bottles can be returned in all Carrefour hyper and supermarkets in Poland, regardless of where they are purchased, and the chain is already planning, in cooperation with its franchisees, to include the entire chain of Carrefour Express and Globi convenience stores.

The main goal of Carrefour in initiating the campaign is the willingness to activate Poles in the field of pro-ecological activities and selective waste collection in order to recycle them and to convince consumers how important the circular economy is for the protection of the natural environment.

The possibility of returning returnable bottles at Carrefour stores without showing receipts is another step towards the implementation of the circular economy concept in Poland. It is worth mentioning that more than a decade ago, Carrefour was a precursor on the retail market in Poland, introducing starch bags in its stores, 100% biodegradable and made of renewable raw materials. Among the projects implemented so far, it is also worth mentioning enabling customers to buy products by weight for their own packaging in all hyper- and supermarkets in Poland, or the introduction of the first cosmetic refillomats to selected Carrefour BIO stores, allowing customers to purchase shampoos or bath liquids for their own reusable packaging.

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