Products and services

Products and services

Carrefour is constantly investing in providing the widest choice of products and services. We offer our customers best local products from reliable suppliers and producers, as well as Carrefour own-label products and articles from all around the world- guaranteeing their diversity, quality and safety.

Carrefour own brands

They include over 3.500 carefully selected high quality and good value for money products. Carrefour puts a lot of efforts into assuring their safety and their compliance to
Polish and European Union’s regulations.

  • Groceries


  • Fresh products

    Fresh products

  • Drinks and spirits

    Drinks and spirits

  • Seasonal products

    Seasonal products

  • Textiles


  • Household chemicals and Perfumery

    Household chemicals and Perfumery

  • Non-food items

    Non-food items

  • Sporting goods

    Sporting goods

  • Toys


  • Household equipment and audio/video devices

    Household equipment and audio/video devices

Carrefour also offers premium brands: Reflets de France, Terre d’Italia, De Nuestra Tierra, Jakość z Natury Carrefour, Carrefour smoked products and eco and gluten-free articles.


One of the key goals of Carrefour Poland is to develop and strengthen relationships with its suppliers. Special events, fairs and programs are thus organized with the aim to bring the company’s strategic goals closer and proposing a platform of dialogue and exchange of experiences. Carrefour also cares about introducing new IT solutions, which facilitate the exchange of information.

Quality and safety

Quality and safety

Quality and safety

Carrefour aims to constantly assure the high quality and safety of its own-label products. Experienced specialists of the Quality department constantly monitor and control every stage of the production process.




With the Self-diagnostic program, Carrefour Poland is promoting sustainable development among 250 suppliers of its own-label products. The Self-diagnostic program operates since 2005 and is used by 6 000 small and medium-sized enterprises in 80 countries. Carrefour Poland launched a reporting and self-assessment program for suppliers of Carrefour brand products in 2010.

Carrefour Fair

Carrefour Fair

Carrefour Fair

This event is organized for more than 150 local and international suppliers and producers, buyers and managers, hypermarket and supermarket directors as well as owners of franchise stores. This fair is organized by Carrefour Poland in order to help stores to discover the offer of producers and suppliers of international, local, and own-label brands. This event is also a platform for building direct relationships between suppliers, store managers and owners of franchise stores.




Carrefour suppliers can use the GDSN system (Global Data Synchronization Network) that ensures accurate and trusted electronic sharing of product data and significantly facilitates relations between buyers, on the company’s side, and suppliers, on the other side.


Apart from a rich and diverse portfolio of products, Carrefour’s offer includes as well a range of additional services that meet customers’ basic needs. These services include petrol stations, financial and nonfinancial services.

  • Carrefour Mastercard
credit card

    Carrefour Mastercard
    credit card

  • Cash loans

    Cash loans

  • Installment shopping

    Installment shopping

  • Bill payments at the check-out

    Bill payments at the check-out

  • ATMs and deposit ATMs

    ATMs and deposit ATMs

  • ‘Pay and Cash Out’

    ‘Pay and Cash Out’

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

    Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

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