Frequently asked questions

  • What types of contracts do you offer?

    We offer employment contracts and the working time depends on the position.
  • Do you offer additional benefits for your employees?

    Yes, we offer an attractive range of benefits for our employees and their families, such as: private medical care, insurance, discounts at Carrefour stores, child supplies or a recreational package. We do our best to make our benefits meet the diverse needs of our employees.
  • What are the working hours?

    Employees work in stores under a shift system (two or three shifts). Employees’ working time depends on the opening hours of the store, the type of tasks and the position. Working hours in offices are standard.
  • Do the employee get a work phone and a work laptop?

    The equipment provided to employees depends on the position and tasks performed. All our managers get smartphones to help them perform their duties and enable communication and information exchange.
  • Do all job positions require professional experience?

    Not all the job positions we offer require professional experience. We give young people a chance to start their career and provide apprenticeship programs for students in universities and in vocational- technical schools.
  • What are the professional development and promotional opportunities?

    The multiformat form of our retail chain enables us to offer cross-format career paths at the company’s stores and in offices. Our employees can be promoted to higher and more responsible positions or develop horizontally. It is also worth mentioning that internal promotion is important for us.
  • How does the company help its employees in their professional development?

    We support professional development on each stage of the career path. We provide preparatory and onboarding trainings for newly hired employees as well as professional trainings preparing to take on more responsibility or change position. We also support our employees financially in their vocational self-development by covering the costs of training programs or studies.
  • Is there an annual evaluation process in the company?

    For more than 10 years there has been a career and development management program at Carrefour Poland which involves all employees. This serves as a basis for developing the promotional and career paths policy.
  • What is the company’s organizational culture?

    Carrefour’s organizational culture is based on mutual respect and equal treatment. Having signed the Diversity Charter, we actively put its principles into practice and build a transparent organization based on empowerment.
  • Who can employees address their comments and suggestions to?

    Our employees have various tools at their disposal for expressing their opinions and suggestions, e.g. regular meetings, helpline, e-mail. They also take part in a job satisfaction survey.
  • How does the company react in case of conflict? Is there a special reporting system in such cases?

    Good relationships with the team and with the superior are crucial for us. We introduced special procedures and rules of conduct to support the positive resolution of arguments and conflicts. There is also an Ethical Charter effective in our company in which mutual respect and fighting against all forms of mobbing and discrimination are among the most important values.
  • Are there trade unions in the company? How does the cooperation with them look like?

    There are trade unions in our company and we communicate with them openly. We meet them regularly and consult them on important and strategic decisions. The quality of our cooperation with trade unions was distinguished for its “Exemplary social dialogue” by the National Commerce Division of the trade union NSZZ Solidarność.


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