Protecting biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity

STOP deforestation

Carrefour is an active member of the RSPO organization (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) which aims to promote the responsible production of oil palm and encourage the use of palm oil from controlled and certified sources.



    Wood waste is segregated and recycled



    Optimizing the composition of products, eliminating palm oil from the ingredient lists and limiting its use only if it is RSPO certified.



    Monitoring the number of certified wood products

Carrefour Group made a commitment to produce under Carrefour own brand goods, which can be responsible for deforestation, in compliance with the rules of sustainable forestry. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international organization promoting a responsible management of forest resources and the FSC certification system attests the highest standards of forest resources management. Carrefour Poland has the license to use the FSC label. Find products with the FSC label in our stores!

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Bee Hotels

As part of our biodiversity protection program, we build special shelters for bees and other beneficial insects. Bee hotels are located on the roofs of Carrefour stores and protect bee families from rain and cold.

The aim of this campaign is to raise social awareness on biodiversity protection and urban beekeeping. There are currently 30 Carrefour bee hotels all around Poland and their number is constantly growing.

The campaign is organized under the patronage of UNEP-GRID Centre Warsaw, an organization which promotes responsible natural resource management and biodiversity protection.

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Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture

Polish customers increasingly look for tasty and environment-friendly products. The assortment “Jakość z Natury Carrefour” has been especially developed for them and offers top quality products with a unique taste. Suppliers, working with us on this product line, care about the natural environment and the well-being of animals.

Each product with the label “Jakość z Natury Carrefour” undergoes a series of quality tests and regular controls conducted by independent laboratories.

Carrefour Poland also decided to withdraw from sale battery-cage eggs marked with the number 3. Battery-cage eggs in the Carrefour own-label assortment were withdrawn from all Carrefour stores (including Rast and franchise stores Carrefour Express and Globi) in 2019 and those from national producers by 2025.

This initiative is one of the means developed by Carrefour to protect animal welfare and to help customers in their food choices.

Responsible fishing

Carrefour Poland regularly expands its offer of freshwater and sea fish from sustainable or responsible fisheries. Carrefour promotes the sale of certified fish or from local suppliers.

We help Polish fishermen and fish farmers to implement practices that reduce the impact of their activities on the environment, and build a product assortment respectful of the ecosystem and of endangered species.