Żyrardów Shopping Centre

The main purpose of the 2016 remodelling of Żyrardów Shopping Centre was to refresh the image of the property and increase its attractiveness. During the modernisation the interior was decorated with bricks, This made the walls match the industrial character of the building, which formerly housed ‘Wanda’, a weaving mill of special importance to local industry. Elements of landmark architecture, plants and rest zone were introduced in the arcades, while the form of commercial stands was unified in order to ensure consistent image of the building. As far as the outdoor part of the property is concerned, the car park was renovated and layout of logos on the façade was modified. Furthermore, the front walls were decorated with pictures presenting the history of the city. The modernisation was part of a public–private partnership programme with the support of the historic preservation officer. The new image which continues the style of the 19th century architecture of this area made the centre attract new tenants and customers.