Carrefour will donate another PLN 100,000 to the development of entrepreneurship in the countryside

Carrefour will donate another PLN 100,000 to the development of entrepreneurship in the countryside

  • 13.12.2023
  • Transformacja żywieniowa

The second edition of the grant competition for the "Taste Locally" program, organized by Carrefour Polska under the patronage of the National Institute of Rural Culture and Heritage, has ended. This year, 79 local suppliers and nearly 300 Rural Women's Associations took part in it, 10 of which will receive grants of PLN 10,000 each. Within 2 years of the launch of the program, which aims to stimulate the development of rural entrepreneurship, Carrefour donated over PLN 200,000 for this purpose and will enable other local producers, both women's groups and producers, to directly sell dishes and products in their stores throughout the country. country.

Carrefour Polska invests in the development of rural entrepreneurship through two of its nationwide programs. The first of them is the "Buy Locally" program initiated in 2021, which is an extension of the "Straight from Pola to 50 km" concept. Its assumption was to establish and develop direct cooperation with small and medium-sized farms in the immediate vicinity of a specific hypermarket or supermarket (within a radius of up to 50 km). Currently, as part of the broader "Buy Locally", Carrefour also offers the possibility of direct cooperation to small and medium-sized producers of local food products. Every tenth Carrefour supplier already operates this model, and the chain's offer includes over 5,500 local products. Another distinguishing feature of "Buy Locally" is cooperation with suppliers in the spirit of the fairtrade model and short supply chains.

The second pillar of Carrefour's investment in the Polish countryside is the next edition of the "Taste Locally" program, addressed to Rural Women's Associations, which this year, together with local suppliers, could submit recipes for traditional Polish dishes. In the second edition of the competition, the jury awarded awards to 10 KGW (Rural Women's Associations) from 8 voivodeships: Masovia, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie, Lublin, Greater Poland, Łódź, Warmian-Masurian and Pomeranian, thus appreciating the extraordinary values of the regional culinary tradition. Carrefour will donate prizes of PLN 10,000 to them, which will be allocated to the development of the Club's entrepreneurship, support for local social initiatives and further promotion of local cuisine specialties. In addition to the main prizes, the chain also awarded distinctions in the form of shopping vouchers.

Partnerships established thanks to "Buy Locally" have a real impact on the development of rural enterprises, as well as on the recognition of small enterprises' products. Poles are increasingly reaching for products distinguished as regional and local products in Carrefour, as shown by sales results, which increased by over 50% year on year. This result is due to the excellent quality and taste of the products, which are increasingly available in the chain's stores. Over the last year, the number of local products available at Carrefour has increased by nearly 40% (currently 5,500), with a simultaneous increase in the number of suppliers to 320.

Carrefour Polska has been supporting Polish agriculture and processing for years, building relationships between consumers and suppliers from the immediate vicinity of a given store. It encourages Poles to reach for tasty products typical of local cuisine, and offers many direct sales opportunities to small and medium-sized processing companies in its stores.